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Ombré & Balayage dye yourself: For less than 20 Euro

Many women like a beautiful colour gradient from dark to light or vice versa in their hair. Unfortunately, this can be very expensive for the hairdresser, which is why often the desire exists to color an ombre or balayage at home. But all too often this goes wrong. We have therefore created a step-by-step guide on how to dye at home without a mistake.


In the Ombre the colour tips are much lighter than the top coat. The most important thing with the Ombré look is therefore a beautiful color gradient from dark to light (the most common variation). This eliminates the need for the hairdresser to constantly dye the hair because the hairstyle that has grown out is virtually intentional.


First choose a hair color that is approximately 1-2 shades lighter than your original color. The less the top coat differs from the blond part, the more natural the look will be.

  • Schwarzkopf “Blonde” Brightener Pack of 3 at Amazon for approx. 16 Euro
  • Hairshopping “Cool Blond”-Blondierung (500 g) + Creme Oxyd (1000 ml, different varieties) (3 % Creme-Oxyd + 500 g Refill) for about 15 Euro at Amazon
  • L’Oréal Paris “Préférence Wild Ombré” with Expert Brush for about 7 Euro at Douglas

To bleach, you will also need latex or plastic gloves if these are not included in the bleaching. Don’t forget to put on an old T-shirt before blonding.

  • Thin latex gloves for about 9 Euro at Amazon


Mix the bleaching until a creamy texture is obtained. Comb your hair and divide it into several parts. Tie the individual parts of the hair into a plait. Toupee your hair where you want the ombré effect to begin. Remove the respective rubber from the hair section and apply the bleaching with a dye brush. Work your way from the tips to the backcombed hair as you apply. Make sure that the colour is evenly distributed throughout the hair. After a contact time of 30 to 45 minutes you can wash out the bleaching.


The “gentle ombré” is characterized by individual strands that begin close to the base and end at the ends of the hair. The Balayage look is so natural and softer than the Ombré. The strands change colour over time. This results in a beautiful, interesting hair colour, especially in sunlight. With the right know-how, the dyeing technique can also be carried out at home. The preparation is the same as for the Ombré.


Take a strand of hair and backcomb this at the base. Then stroke the color from bottom to top with your fingers. At the bottom you can apply a little more blonding and paint the color several times on the back of the hair to blend the transition to the natural hair color. You do this with strands of hair all over your head. If you want a strong balayage effect, there should be a corresponding number of strands.

As with the Ombré, the colour should be left to work for about 30 to 45 minutes before rinsing it out again.

Neutralize Yellow Tint

If you have a yellow tinge in your hair, silver shampoo and a hair mask will help against yellow tinge. Another option is to mattify the hair with an ash blonde tint that neutralizes the yellow tint.

  • Fanola Anti-Yellow Tint Shampoo, 1l for approx. 14 Euro at Amazon
  • Silver hair mask for approx. 17 Euro at Amazon
  • L’Oréal Professionnel “Dialight” 9,01 milkshake platinum, 50 ml for about 6 Euro at Amazon

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