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Latest hair trend in 2019: Pinky Hair

You can find this beautiful color for some time in jewelry and other accessories, but now also in hairstyles.

Rose Gold

We are talking about rose gold hair. The coloured strands look good on almost everyone. The color can be adjusted to your own original hair color. If you have dark hair, you can keep it a bit more classic than blondes, where it often tends more to pink.

Is it still a bit too drastic for you? Then you can try this with a nice balayage! Curious as to what the rose gold locks look like in real life?

Strawberry Highlights

Now that summer seems to be approaching, this is the perfect time to look for hairstyle inspiration. Don’t want a completely different haircut? The latest hair trend brings just that subtle change you’re looking for.

With the summery hair trend ‘strawberry highlights’ you can transform your coupe into a summery haircut in one fell swoop. Whether you’re a natural blonde or brunette. Also handy: these highlights don’t need a lot of maintenance, because when they fade, it only gets more beautiful.

Powder pink hair

Maybe the term scares you a bit, but it’s actually a very wearable color. The mix of red, pink, blonde and gold can turn out to be very beautiful, that’s what a search on Pinterest has shown once again. By the way, those curls are all to the for, but that’s just a side note. And if you think, pink hair is not for me, think again. This hair colour can be found in many different shades. Blonde with a clear pink glow, or a darker color with a red undertone. For everyone, a different form of pink gold is the best. I’ve been looking for some inspiration again in which pink gold hair is central. Beautiful, isn’t it?

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