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How To Get Rid Of Oily Hair – Short Tips

If you have greasy hair, you’ll soon feel unkempt. But in most cases lack of hygiene is by no means the reason for greasy hair. Extremely greasy hair cannot be impressed by daily washing and after a short period of time it presents itself as stingy as usual. But what helps against greasy hair? Read here what you can do against fast greasy hair and find out which tips work against greasy hair.

Oily hair – causes

Oily hair develops when the sebaceous glands in the hair roots produce too much fat. The sebum quickly makes the hair look greasy and stringy. Excessive sebum production can be caused by various factors, such as poor nutrition, stress or hormonal changes during puberty or pregnancy. Genetic factors can also be responsible for greasy hair, so some people produce more sebum than others.

Oily hair – what to do?

Oily hair looks unkempt. The question therefore arises for those affected: What can be done about greasy hair? Use lukewarm water and a mild degreasing shampoo to wash your hair. Herbal extracts such as rosemary, chamomile, horsetail or scabbardfish also help against greasy hair. These reduce fat formation and have a calming effect on the scalp. If you use cures and conditioners, only apply them to the tips. Another tip: Don’t rub your hair too hard, just gently squeeze it out. Scrubbing can also stimulate sebum production.

You should also avoid brushing and combing greasy hair too often, as the fat is distributed from the scalp to the hair.

Home remedy for oily hair

Grease your hair quickly? And you want to change this in a natural way? Then try a home remedy for greasy hair. For example, baby powder provides immediate help because it absorbs excess sebum. Apply some powder to your scalp and hairline and tap gently. Then brush the excess powder out of the hair. In this way, an oily hairline can be effectively removed temporarily.

Even though it may sound contradictory, some people may benefit from a cure with olive oil to soothe their sebaceous glands. For this, the olive oil is massaged into the scalp, after ten minutes the hair is combed through and the oil thoroughly washed out. Try it out and challenge your greasy hair.

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