201777ad43a5774d0fb510a43c3ed0b9 How We Used a Unique Medium to Letter/Embellish Our Doors To Storage! (A Tutorial) ourhouseofjoyfulnoise.com

Our Doors to Storage home project, has been a bigger hit than we ever dreamed!  I’ve even run across it on Pinterest a few times now! CraZy-Ness!   Well, we knew there would be people who thought it was a pretty cool idea, out there somewhere. But we’re glad so many have

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58c9a7a40d9e43e18fa17b3a7a6f6caa Our Halloween Homestead! (Indoor Outdoor Photos Galore!) ourhouseofjoyfulnoise.com


I had a goal this year, to have our whole homestead decorated for Halloween, by October 1st! So that we could enjoy it all the whole month of October.  I also wanted it all blogged no more than a few days later. How long can it

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65a5a5526f67f07f573a0fff385dc238 Doors to Storage. (Literally.) ourhouseofjoyfulnoise.com

We’re guessing many of you love to see little home transformations, and creative spaces, as we do, and that’s just what we hope to share with you today.  The photos we share will likely explain what we have done. But if you have just a bit of time, grab a drink of choice

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74f9f6763901a7cbf449ca30fd7e5183 My First Annie Sloan Paint Project / Before & After ourhouseofjoyfulnoise.comI have been SO ridiculously excited about this post. And you all know what happens when I get excited! I babble! But I’m going to make great effort in not doing that, this time. (Deep breath. I can do it! I know I can!).  I’ve just had to focus on getting our current $100 Gift Card Give Away… (READ MORE......) | 20 Comments

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Early August Gardens, at Our House.

Posted by Laura on Thursday Aug 11, 2011 Under Gardening, Photography, The Homestead

99c72e6963e5ca717cea0480013bce8c Early August Gardens, at Our House. ourhouseofjoyfulnoise.com

Just a quick update on how our gardens have grown. It’s August now.

The most exciting recent development, is we finally have some watermelons growing!

13c9e6cdd0825c22e2e922d0f82213ea Early August Gardens, at Our House. ourhouseofjoyfulnoise.com

They are

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Garden Peek!> Early Summer 2011

Posted by Laura on Wednesday Jul 20, 2011 Under Gardening, Photography, The Homestead

3a30b9313393d6c2cfdff35ff576f40d Garden Peek!> Early Summer 2011 ourhouseofjoyfulnoise.com

I believe we’ve been both gardening and blogging, for about 3 years.  Our life is filled with so many various passions, there is more than we are actually able to get to blogging.  I sure try to get it all in though!  But one area that is especially hard to keep you all

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Strawberries, Super-Sized.

Posted by Laura on Sunday Jul 10, 2011 Under Gardening, Photography, The Homestead

2831a1fd3d2523b2b5e2b5d05ee26d4b Strawberries, Super Sized. ourhouseofjoyfulnoise.com

It’s that time of year again, when we start sharing with you what we’ve got growing in our gardens!  For me, growing our own gardens is one of the greatest gifts of the season, and I revel in the joy of it!  So I am anxious to chit-chat with you in all of

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Improvised Potting Bench

Posted by Laura on Wednesday Jun 15, 2011 Under Gardening, Home Decor, Re-Purposing, The Homestead

b7a2c2daef05c577320b37e1d21c7b4e Improvised Potting Bench ourhouseofjoyfulnoise.com

We’ve been blessed time and time again, with wood to burn in our wood stove through the cold seasons of the year.  Having a cozy fire going in our home, is definitely our preferred source of heat, and we’ve hardly had to invest much in keeping it going.  Oak pallets are dropped and

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Mailbox Tub Garden

Posted by Laura on Saturday Jun 4, 2011 Under Gardening, Home Improvement, Re-Purposing, The Homestead

bb282643b0a5a26d55b9ac37411f7093 Mailbox Tub Garden ourhouseofjoyfulnoise.com

We are still very much working on our long-term front garden-yard plans, and we’re far from completion.  A little each year, as we need to roll, but we’ve enjoyed the planning and the progress along the way.  We always wish we were further ahead than behind, but that’s the way it goes

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Have a Coke, & Some Petunias, & a Smile!

Posted by Laura on Tuesday May 24, 2011 Under Gardening, Re-Purposing, The Homestead

5314a9f7a1491bdcd777b37c28c2728c Have a Coke, & Some Petunias, & a Smile! ourhouseofjoyfulnoise.com

Gardening season is upon us, and we’ve been doing a few creative home-front (literally, in front of our home) projects I am excited to share with you, one after the other, right here in the Homestead section. Our garden beds are all ready for planting next weekend as well, with the

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