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Even though I haven’t even blogged about our kid’s sports fall season(s) yet, I thought I would share with you all a nice personalized gift idea that is great as a ‘thank you’ to your kid’s sport coaches.  Although keep in mind, the specifics/design of this idea can be changed for many other gift needs, and fitting for teacher’s (on a pedestal mug), Dads, teens, etc., Christmas or thank you gifts as well, as long as you have some kind of cutter machine, such as a Silhouette. You may consider some simple graphics, or the special occasion of the recipient.  The gift idea is completely customizable and suitable for so many

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I hope you all had the chance to join us, for our Halloween Decor Tour, in which we shared with you all of the festive touches I made, to put a little Halloween in the air, indoors and outdoors!  The post tour naturally consists of a ton of photos, or else how else could I show you all?  That, and my small chit-chat, made the post plenty long enough.  So I promised to share how I made some of the decor, in a separate post in the Crafts & Creations section soon. And here we are.

All of the signage design work

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2cb57399d6dd1b31ff17d30b365bfdc4 Call Us Copy Cats! / Crayon Wall Art ourhouseofjoyfulnoise.com

This crayon art thing that is happening….You know, the one that’s sweeping the nation?  It’s been pinned to death, and it’s invaded Blogland, like there is tomorrow.  And although I am never one to copy someone else’s ideas, or follow trends for the sake of everybody else doing it, I KNEW I was going to do this art-craft with my kids, the very-first-time I saw it.

Even at the risk, of being called ‘Copy Cats’.

(Sticks and stones may break our bones….)

4daa3766a3d4f4a764d1e807772baae4 Call Us Copy Cats! / Crayon Wall Art ourhouseofjoyfulnoise.com So I picked up

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This is a special announcement, regarding our Tuesday Link-Up Parties. Unfortunately, we are going to stop hosting them, for now.  I’ve been thinking about this for weeks, and there is really no sane way around it.  As much as a part of me wants to keep doing them, I need to let it go for now. The party owl must sleep for awhile, in a self-induced coma. ; ) I am realizing how much it is effecting the rest of our blog, as hosting them, visiting links, and choosing features is just incredibly time consuming (as well as inspiring though!), and effecting the rest of the quality of the blog. It seems I

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This just may be the coolest and most fun craft, I have ever done with our kiddos.  If that wasn’t awesome enough, it is super easy, and it doesn’t make a mess either!!  I know, right? It’s perfect for kid’s birthday parties, scouts, camps, etc.  Our kids didn’t want to stop.  They even made a couple of shirts for their friends.  But all of you mothers, as we show you how simple this project is,….think outside the box, for yourselves, or other projects, too. I am!

1a13e2b8533295c8a37d85a203803b66 A T Shirt Craft / Wicked Cool, Fun, Easy, & Not Messy! ourhouseofjoyfulnoise.com

All you need is:

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    & FEATURED Linkers !


    Happy Tuesday, once again! Unless of course, it’s Monday Eve. Or Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Because of course, we leave the party door open for you, hoping you’ll get to coming around at some point through the week, to link-up, and inspire us with your ideas!!  Sometimes, People are just ‘late to the party’. Right? We’ve been there. So we’d hate for you to miss out. Feel free to ‘bring a friend’

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    f818e803e04bcbcfc931c74a449c1a0a *LINK UP PARTY* (#15) @ Our House Of Joyful Noise & Featured from #14 ourhouseofjoyfulnoise.com

    & FEATURED Linkers !


    Hi Folks!!

    Tuesdays sure do sneak up quickly! Sometimes too quickly, for me.  I apologize for skipping the party last week, but life gets in the way of my blogging now and then, and I’ve got to be o.k. with that.  Family first around here.

    I am still struggling, choosing features. Ugh! There’s always so many great creations and ideas, and there are some linkers I want to feature every-single-week. But I try to give everyone

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    Every time I’ve gone to Michael’s Arts and Crafts, I’ve looked at these large white letters you can purchase individually. I knew I wanted to create something using these letters as personalization, for {O}’s room. But I was undecided if I wanted to do her whole name, or just her initial.

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    Today, August 25, 2011, we did our drawing for the awesome Fiskar SureCut Paper Trimmer!  But before we announce the winner, a small apology:
    We’re not sure if anyone noticed, but there was some confusion on someone’s part….(o.k. ….mine) and thus a mix-up with the dates int he original post.  When choosing when the chance to enter this Give-Away would end, and when we would announce the winner, I had some real date conflicts going on. To make a long story short, I had one date on my calendar (the one I was going by), and the other in the post. (Yikes!)  When a frequent visitor made a comment that she missed the Give-Away, I caught on to my mistake. So, the
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    f818e803e04bcbcfc931c74a449c1a0a *LINK UP PARTY* (#14) @ Our House Of Joyful Noise & Featured from #13 ourhouseofjoyfulnoise.com

    & FEATURED Linkers !


    What a week it has been!  Summer really seems to be flying by now, and I’m always feeling like I’m a few steps behind.  But at least lately, I know it’s because I’ve been putting the never-done-anyway to-do list aside, and taking the time to enjoy the fleeting and sweet days & nights of summer, with the people I love. We’ve been swimming & sunning & loving the sand in our toes and the salt in the air,…. hanging out & kicking back & laughing a

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