Josh’s Double Chocolate Biscotti

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Josh’s Double Chocolate Biscotti


Definition of BISCOTTO: a crisp cookie or biscuit of Italian origin that is flavored usually with anise and filberts or almonds —usually used in plural
A good friend of ours baked our family these biscottis, and we enjoyed them so much, we asked him for the recipe. (So we could have some more!).  He very kindly sent the recipe to us, and he also suggested it as a Vittles post.  We thought it was a great idea!  It’s just not
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590f7f08f01d56ee252f9f2d331e61ee Banana Fanna Fo Fanna...Fe Fi Fo Fanna...Banana.(CHIPS!)

Like most recipes, there are always a few variations or different ways to go about preparing a food.  Banana chips can either be fried, or baked.   We try to opt for the healthy options first.

Making baked banana chips really couldn’t be any simpler.

Get this:

Participating Ingredients:

  • Bananas!

Need I say more?   Maybe.  Some may want to know exactly what to do with them.  But I am willing to bet, this is going to go just about how you think it is.

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