Camp Site Eclair

Posted by Laura on Sunday Jun 12, 2011 Under Desserts, holidays, Treats, Vittles

39e6e2afdca69c607475c7e5ef7f0357 Camp Site Eclair

I was brainstorming about a good dessert to have for Father’s Day coming up,

when I came up with this idea: A Camp Site Eclair Dessert.

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Midnight Snaps (Festive Cookies for New Years Eve)

Posted by Laura on Thursday Dec 30, 2010 Under Baking, holidays, Vittles

9e50d87d80551f56062d186917757425 Midnight Snaps (Festive Cookies for New Years Eve)

My kids and I were trying to come up with some themed food for New Year’s Eve, and {JM} came up with this great idea, right off the bat:  Cookies that are designed like clocks! (Oh, to have his quick, 8 year old brain!)

Right away I started trying to figure the details, and decided to start with homemade Gingersnap Cookies.  To design them, we went with a white icing that hardens, and a bit of chocolate art.  The design process does involve some intricate detail work, but if you enjoy the creative process and have a little patience to work with, they are worth the effort!  Your party-goers will be impressed with… (READ MORE......) | 13 Comments

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