Big News! WE’VE MOVED!!

Posted by Laura on Monday Jan 16, 2012 Under The Big Picture

Yes. Yes we have.  This blog here at this address….is no more.

But don’t be sad! :cry:   Be HAPPY!  :-D  Because we think you are going to LOVE the new place!

Come visit us now, (and subscribe!) at our ALL NEW HOUSE!!

Click this link

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A Quick & Special Christmas Message, for YOU!

Posted by Laura on Friday Dec 23, 2011 Under Celebrations, Faith, The Big Picture

2e08f3bbcc5710eb3fc5f3cc1c3f3f2b A Quick & Special Christmas Message, for YOU!

We KNOW how busy you all are, during these last countdown hours until Christmas!  So we will make this very brief!

First, you probably have noticed how slow Our House Of Joyful Noise is, as of late!  I’ve hardly been putting out blog posts. On purpose. Reason being, …….well

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Just Something That Makes Me Smile.

Posted by Laura on Wednesday Nov 30, 2011 Under Faith, Life In General, The Big Picture

a35df3a3b1b22b6cf2685d3fa877ced4 Just Something That Makes Me Smile.

When I saw these swans out in the water one stunning autumn day day, it really made me smile….

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957899c753d50fdc0d5c2c102f8b6618 Our Trio Turned 9 / Their Birthday(s) Celebrations

This birthday post is a bit late just about every year.  But considering the trio’s birthday is the last day of August, and then we hit a new busy school year, a belated post is like a tradition with valid excuse, in my mind. I don’t think anyone is really waiting for it

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ed2704405d2781fe3d8c4970f7d66f1c Playing to WIN! / $ Give Away! $

Yes. Here I am talking about Basketball and such already and the new season has not even begun yet! But honestly, you DO want to bear with me. Today there’s a whole new spin to the perspectives and purpose of this post. I’d love for you all to give it a read, and then join in with

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ahhh grasshopper2 Yes, Grasshoppers Can Do Sit Ups. (You didnt know that?)

I recently came across this little blogging tip, and had some fun trying it out.

My son {S} is always collecting bugs lately, and bringing them in the house, and I am always sending him back out with them! But this time, I had to take some photos.  This

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{A} is 14 / A Belated Birthday Photo Post

Posted by Laura on Sunday Jul 31, 2011 Under Celebrations, The Big Picture

13c481731380e857caaf068acdbf942c {A} is 14 / A Belated Birthday Photo Post

July always seems to get away from me!  I am having deja-vous, about blogging our oldest daughter’s birthday last year, quite after the facts.  But, it’s alright really, because these types of family-related blog posts I generally just put together for the sake of our own recorded family history, and

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Happy long 4th of July Weekend, Everyone!

I designed these two 4th of July folded, 2-sided card printables this morning,
for our tables this weekend, and I am happy to share them with you!

dc4fab053ee5d779c394cea43fbdfb98 4th of July Celebration Table Printables   Free!

Above is just

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b6cf97668b21ba5d525aade893a8d527 ✔s, Gems, and Xs / Our System for Our Kids Responsibilities & Behavior	 ourhouseofjoyfulnoise.comFair Warning: This is like a 10 minute read.
If you’ve got the time, I’ve got the verbage.
So grab a drink, sit back, & relax.

The Prelude

There are days when I feel like I have 50 things to get done that day. I

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c4643bfd90d2461cbb4ab3ada6a0777f COOL AMERICANA / Cookout Detail Ideas for 4th of July

When the 4th of July falls on a day of the week, that makes for a long weekend, Americans all over the country often either host or attend a good ole’ fashioned all-American cookout! It’s the summer bash of the season, when families and friends get together

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